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The Luxury of First Class Travel (with a 3 month old)!

We are off to Paris. Heading to the City of Love. Luckily missing Valentine’s Day by a few days and unluckily but hopefully not too relevantly, catching the end of half-term. I haven’t been to Paris for such a long time. I used to love it there. My brother lived there on Rue de L’Universite in the 7th. I spent a lot of time there in between university in Tours and over the course of my work at Societe Generale; jetting out once a month or so to see clients and go to nice restaurants. I remember when Hotel Costes first opened, drinking in the bar there, having lunch at the brand new Cafe Marly and the wonderful club sandwiches at the Ritz Hotel, lunch on Sunday at Chez Marianne in the Marais, when the Marais wasn’t half as trendy as it is now! It wasn’t a bad experience of Paris at all. It was a privileged one.