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I have recently discovered a new skincare brand that is offering some fantastic results. As we age, our skin needs change and these new products pack a brilliant anti-ageing punch. The brand is Dermal Health, and it is created by Una Jefford, a renowned expert in dermatology and aesthetics. Una has developed a skincare line that is specifically designed for women as they start to go through perimenopause, with its effects on the skin, such as redness, irritation, sensitivity, dryness, dullness, and loss of firmness. The Vitality Skincare Duo is a set of two moisturisers, one for day and one for night, that are packed with powerful ingredients to improve your skin’s hydration, elasticity, brightness, smoothness, and calmness. They are suitable for perimenopausal and menopausal skin types, but especially for those who have sensitive skin or rosacea. They are also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances.
I’m sitting here comfortably, waiting in the very Zen -like, luxurious ClinicBe, in Chelsea, (just behind Harrods, for the avid shoppers) waiting for the Emla cream to work. Today I’m giving myself back the 2 years of sleepless nights stolen by my toddler, along with all the self-inflicted stresses and strains of having a 6 year old in private school – still a year to go until seven plus but trying to keep up with the helicopter parents, pushing their children above and beyond and I’m in the same boat with a very unwilling (poor) son, rowing away frantically!
This one I’ve been using sparingly. It’s lasted almost a year but I use cheap imitations every so often to conserve it. Every single time I use it, I get told I’m ‘glowing ‘, ‘what have I done to my skin?’This product has a cult following and no surprises why. It is the best in it’s field.
As a little girl, my very fair skin burnt a lot. I remember sun rashes, discomfort and even calamine baths in the South of France.  I’m sure I was slathered in sun cream but in those days SPF15 was considered high. My grandmother used to smother herself in Bergasol oil with no SPF and go a mahogany brown. No such genes passed on to me!
Here I am in Sweden. I mean Notting Hill! Nestled in its heart is STIL Salon. Just fifteen months old this holistic, cool, haven is style simplified. Their aim is to provide exquisite colour and precision cuts, tailored to each individual. Behind this Scandinavian oasis is the charming Christel Lundqvist. A creative mind with a background in creative, education and product development. Triple winner of the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards British Colour Technician of the Year and brand ambassador for some of the biggest names in the product industry, her pedigree is pure and she has worked with many very high profile names in both fashion, TV and beyond.
It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been to the hairdresser. That can’t be normal. My husband, for example has been at least half a dozen times to my none but then he has hair that most men envy; it grows thick and fast! In my quest for the best blonde, I’ve been around a bit(!) and dare I say it, my usually light blonde highlights having grown out, I’m almost liking the darker colour. Heaven forbid! This only occurs to me the day before I’m due to head to Martyn Maxey – a salon, frequented by many a celeb over its twenty year plus existence (Joss Stone was here last week) and now by me.