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Lighten Up – It’s Summer – hob salons review 

So, it’s been six months since my last foray into hair. Six long, sleepless months. My hair has actually held up pretty well even if my sanity hasn’t! I’m back at hob salons but this time I’m closer to home in one of their newer salons in Belsize Park. Just a year old but with the same dedicated staff who never seem to want to leave such a great place to work.

HOB From Mill Hill to Camden Flagship 33 years on…

I’m at Hair on Broadway. Slap bang in the middle of Camden Lock. A huge state-of-the-art salon complete with teaching academy tucked away behind it. The last time I was in a HOB salon was in their first salon and I hate to say it but it probably wasn’t long after it first opened over thirty years ago!