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Lego Room Service Anyone? Luxury Dartmoor with Kids. Bovey Castle.

At last we have made it to Devon. Dartmoor to be precise. It’s the furthest south in England that I have ever been, having holidayed as a child either in Italy over the summer and Switzerland or France in the winter. My Dad was an avid skier and a Europhile so there wasn’t much time for all the beauty of the British Isles. Having said that, my grandparents lived in Bournemouth part of the year so I did visit Dorset quite a bit which as a kid I absolutely loved. As an adult, I’ve certainly globetrotted but again to more exotic climes, always escaping the ‘dreary’ British weather. I know that I’ve been missing out. We have a stunning country just on our doorsteps. I’ve done the obligatory Cotswolds, been to Edinburgh but Devon, Cornwall, the Highlands and the Lake District are all on the travel bucket list.