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I’m on my way to the City. Back again to my old stomping ground. This time not to work, nor to meet up for drinks with old colleagues surprisingly. 
I’m here at The Private Clinic because I need to look ten years younger. 43 and nearly my birthday with two under fives. In fact, I would have said that I was ageing really, really well up until my angel Gabriel was born last October. Angel in every way bar one – he hasn’t quite mastered the art of sleeping yet. It’s slowly happening but for at least seven of the eight months it was the norm for me to wake up every 2-3 hours. That’s fine when you have a newborn – you run on the love hormones and the novelty but believe me it takes its toll when it’s relentless. Sleep deprivation really is a form of torture.
Anyway, the young me became old, haggard me with big black rings around my eyes; something I’m not used to sporting.

I’m in the City to visit the esteemed Dr. Bruno (Amendola) at The Private Clinic. I’m hoping that their 8 point facelift – a clever combination of Botox (only had this once before) and fillers that are to give me the effect of a mini facelift in a lunch hour. 

The Clinic is perfectly situated for those City folk and who knows, me, if I ever go back. A short walk from St Pauls and I’m in an oasis of calm.

Dr Bruno invites me in for my consultation. I tell him my worries – wrinkled forehead, crows feet and light jowls – and he agrees that I need an 8 point lift. This involves Botox around the forehead and strategically placed filler around the jowl area.
After applying anaesthetic cream and waiting for twenty minutes, we begin. He gets to work quickly and skilfully and it’s all painless stuff. 

Starting with the filler – two types –  both will look their optimum in two weeks as they are placed over the bone and will attract water, thus plumping the skin. All eight points filled and each massaged into place and we are on to the Botox. Within a couple of minutes the three areas are done too – forehead, frown lines and crows feet. 

Dr Bruno is a pro who has been practising for overt 20 years, so he knows exactly what to do and he’s a consummate professional. There’s not much more to add as it really is as simple as that. Having taken my arnica religiously beforehand, I’m looking pretty damn good afterwards. Eight years younger and waiting a week for the Botox to work and I think I’ve hit the 10 year mark. Now, has the clever Dr a prescription for making my little baby sleep?! If so, he’d be a genius! 

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