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Having just come back from two trips to very sunny places – one where the temperature hit forty three degrees, I feel well qualified to give my humble opinion on keeping safe.

We are a family of fair skinned people – bar my husband – my eldest son of four is pale like me, burns easily and doesn’t tan and my ten month old has virgin baby skin that needs top Mitch protection.

I’d tried P20 years ago. It was the first brand to purport to offer all day sun protection. It worked bank then but I found it a bit sticky. Move on many years and there are a few extended protection products out there and P20 has brought out an ingenious all angle fine mist spray.

The P20 says that it is super water resistant – offering protection from over an hour in the water and ten hours in total. That far outlasts competition. It really is an all day product.

You need to apply fifteen minutes before sun exposure. Use enough but not too much or its sticky, otherwise it’s undetectable and you have true all day protection. It’s pricey but it truly lasts. I re-applied once for my kids due to water exposure but mine with my very faut skin offered protection all day with no burning. I love this product and I thin that I’m a true convert now. It really works!

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