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As a little girl, my very fair skin burnt a lot. I remember sun rashes, discomfort and even calamine baths in the South of France.  I’m sure I was slathered in sun cream but in those days SPF15 was considered high. My grandmother used to smother herself in Bergasol oil with no SPF and go a mahogany brown. No such genes passed on to me!

These days we know that sunshine is important for vitamin D, contributing to overall health. We in the UK are a nation that is vitamin D deficient. Couch potatoes, lack of good and iPads have all contributed to people, especially children spending time outdoors. So, when we do actually see some sun, or we go away for our annual trip to the sunshine, it’s easy to make mistakes and get burnt.

I’m extra cautious with my kids but I do want them to get those all-important rays. P20 by Riemann was the first of its kind to offer all day (up to 10 hours) protection: Real peace of mind. This year they launched their continuous spray which basically means you can work quickly and spray from every angle. It dries instantly. Fifteen minutes before going into the sun I spray my kids all over and I know that they are safe for the day. SPF50 for me and in fact for the whole family. For those with sensitive skin it’s also great to know that there are no added colourants, fragrance or preservatives. It’s also very water resistant.

The appearance of long-lasting sun protection means that you can get out and really enjoy the sunshine. Getting all the benefits without the burn. P20 is my go to brand. The first and still the best.

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