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They say that your brows frame the face and that the right shape can lift the features. It’s definitely true that with the right shaping, you can open the eyes up significantly, which in turn is a very powerful anti-ageing trick.

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything professional done to my eyes and being pregnant means that most options are out of bounds for now. So, in need of a beauty hit, I head to Knighsbridge to visit the queen of brows herself, Shavata, at her new, swanky, flagship salon in Beauchamp Place. Her fame runs nationwide, with a empire that started out at Harrods’ Urban retreat, now in every upmarket department store across the country and due to open her first bar abroad in Harvey Nichols, Baku in April. A successful line of brilliant products to boot, she is the go-to for brows.

She uses a combination of waxing, plucking and threading telling me that all are just as effective but the key to good brows is the person doing then and not the technique used. Her one piece of advice, get your brows professionally done at least once in your life. She likens brows to a dress ‘ you put one dress on and it makes your hips look look wide, however you put on another, one that is cut to to suit your figure and you look slim. The eyebrows can create a similar illusion for the face.

My fifteen minutes with Shavata are up, she had tinted my brows a little darker just to accentuate the shape as well as tinting my light lashes. I look like a different person. My face more open and awake. I love the look. Now it’s up to me to try to make it back every six weeks. It’s definitely worth it. A quick pick-me-up goes a very long way. To check out locations or buy products you can find Shavata here.

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