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Having just come back from two trips to very sunny places – one where the temperature hit forty three degrees, I feel well qualified to give my humble opinion on keeping safe. We are a family of fair skinned people – bar my husband – my eldest son of four is pale like me, burns easily and doesn’t tan and my ten month old has virgin baby skin that needs top Mitch protection.
So, I finally made it to Club Med. during the most momentous week in recent British history we made our Brexit to Marrakech. I almost feel like I’ve made a joke in poor taste, such is the panic back at home.
In the Paznaun region of the Austrian Tirol, at the end of a very scenic valley, 10 minutes ski bus from its better-known neighbour Ischgl, lies a gem, hidden to almost all the skiing English except a few in the know. Galtuer, is one of the nicest resorts that I’ve visited in a long time and I’ve skied the best that Europe has to offer from Courchevel to St Moritz, over and over. Perfect for families and singles alike.
Sardinia for family holidays is a true winner and Delphina Hotels offer the perfect solution. Sardinia has often been labelled as a go-to destination for the rich and famous, thus putting off the likes of you and me from ever considering it as a destination. How wrong you would be to dismiss it.
Parked at the convenient Meet & Greet at Stansted and watered and fed at the gorgeous new champagne bar, Halo – a little luxury goes a long way! We are off to Germany, for a family skiing trip. Imagine all your childrens’ dreams and some of your worst nightmares rolled into one. Sprinkle some fairy dust and voila! A brilliant, totally unimaginable outcome – a Kinderhotel. It’s magic.
Sardinia has long been known as a millionaire’s playground. This beautiful island south west of Italy, just below Corsica attracts everyone. Flanked by beautiful beaches and crystal clear turquoise water, gorgeous scenery every which way you look, it’s no wonder.
I’d been looking to go to Devon or even as far as Cornwall for ages. As well-travelled as I am, getting Mr PCG too far from London for a weekend away is difficult. Understandably, the drive can be a pain. I looked and looked for somewhere on or near a beach with a pool, not as far as Cornwall and with great reviews and facilities for kids. Not easy as it goes. I’m a very difficult customer and look for super-high standards. I don’t want to compromise on anything; we need good food, luxurious rooms, great service, plus all of the above.
Now this resort has been the most talked about new opening of the year. Every Facebook group from travel specific to local family has someone recommending or asking about it. No wonder that you will find it almost impossible to book for this year.
I want to stay here forever, Mummy’, our parting words with Bailiffscourt!  We don’t usually get such a strong reaction but I’m guessing it had something to do with the indoor pool and floating ‘sausages’ provide for the younger guests to play with during children’s swimming times.
The New Forest is a gorgeous part of the world less than two hours drive from London with its fair share of things to do in and around the National Park; loads of wildlife, National Trust properties, Beaulieu Motor Museum, vineyards, picturesque villages and towns or just walking in the fresh air and admiring the ponies! It’s also well placed for Bournemouth and its beaches too.