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This one I’ve been using sparingly. It’s lasted almost a year but I use cheap imitations every so often to conserve it. Every single time I use it, I get told I’m ‘glowing ‘, ‘what have I done to my skin?’This product has a cult following and no surprises why. It is the best in it’s field.

It makes you look 10 years younger or 10 hours sleep better, whichever you need. Charlotte Tilbury has a massive celeb following and she has earned it. Kate Moss doesn’t do adverts for any old product. It’s blown me away. From a girl who wouldn’t wear anything but moisturiser to a girl who needs her Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow every day without fail to look ‘amazing.’

I’m not used to wearing any sort of foundation or primer or make -up but this is a game-changer. Buy it but be prepared never to want to leave home without it. It leaves you luminous, blurs your lines and gives complexion perfection in an instant.

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