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I’ve made it to the hair salon! Now, I know that doesn’t seem like a feat but if you bear in mind that the last time I had my highlights done was in September then you might understand. The delay has somewhat been aided by the super skills of Michaeljohn’s Lead Signature Colorist, Debbie (Bhowmik), who places highlights so well that roots just never seem to show! She is a magician. 

However, enough is enough and I’m back today also for a cut with the gorgeous Vlad. There is only so long a girl can wait!

Today’s post is just to let you, the reader know of a brand new concept set to change the way we highlight our hair. Debbie has developed a new technique which focuses on the micro detail, creating a flow of shades which adds to movement and volume, enhancing rather than drastically changing hair colour. If it’s good enough for Rosamund Pike – she handed Debbie a photo of her as a child and asked her to mimic the colour – then it’s good enough for me!

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