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I’ve just left the City. No, I’m not back to work at a trading desk nor am I drinking with ex-colleagues (much)! I have just left the consulting rooms of a little known star in the making who has with a swift wave of her small syringe made me look a million times better and feel pretty again!

I arrived with trepidation having met her for the first time yesterday in a building behind the gherkin where this GP splits her time between there and Harley Street. A thirty three years young with a perfect skin, she has yet to build a big press presence so I was taking a leap of faith. A consultation and advice to go away and take arnica tablets for the next 24 hours left me worried (does she bruise everyone because no other practitioners have ever told me to do this) before returning for treatment.

Taking to her, she definitely knows her stuff. A passion for the artistic side with her goal to restore and give back a lost youthful look rather than to drastically change, she certainly has an eye for what needs ‘fixing’ without overdoing it. Subtlety is her thing as it should be. You should expect to be able to walk out of her office and go straight back to work and she achieves that.

Originally from Birmingham she is just establishing herself here and it won’t be long until I’ll have wait to get an appointment!

A truly smart cookie with a passion for skin she is knowledgeable and outspoken – ‘don’t wear moisturiser it does nothing you need active products, serums, vitamins that help your skin moisturises itself. If her skin is anything to go by I’m in!

My fears dissipated with each question she answered and with the first cheek filled (really high up – really – I worried too high but no, genius it looked amazing) I let myself relax and look forward to the final outcome.

I was having Botox for the first time, a big deal that I had put off for as long as I could but that having a two and a half year old at forty-one made me cave in! So Botox around the eyes, filler to cheeks and reluctantly but less so as time went on a little filler to a dent that I hadn’t noticed in the side of my nose and a little filler to the chin to ‘unflatten’ it!

Back home and a two week wait for everything to settle and the Botox to take effect and I’m thrilled. I can still frown but my crow’s feet have disappeared, the lines small vertical lines in between my eyebrows have also gone and my cheekbones are more pronounced. Nothing drastic, she didn’t use much filler or Botox but that’s her secret. Everyone has remarked that I look rested but nobody has guessed the truth. Watch this space as Sarah Shah has arrived on the London aesthetic scene and she’s here to stay!

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