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Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for body and home? I couldn’t let Christmas go by without a nod to one of my favourite scents around. Whilst staying at the Hotel Terravina in the New Forest, our room smelt divine, I asked what the fragrance was and immediately acquired some upon my arrival home. I’ve been using it ever since.
I’m on my way to the City. Back again to my old stomping ground. This time not to work, nor to meet up for drinks with old colleagues surprisingly. I’m here at The Private Clinic because I need to look ten years younger. 43 and nearly my birthday with two under fives. In fact, I would have said that I was ageing really, really well up until my angel Gabriel was born last October. Angel in every way bar one – he hasn’t quite mastered the art of sleeping yet. It’s slowly happening but for at least seven of the eight months it was the norm for me to wake up every 2-3 hours. That’s fine when you have a newborn – you run on the love hormones and the novelty but believe me it takes its toll when it’s relentless. Sleep deprivation really is a form of torture.
So, it’s been six months since my last foray into hair. Six long, sleepless months. My hair has actually held up pretty well even if my sanity hasn’t! I’m back at hob salons but this time I’m closer to home in one of their newer salons in Belsize Park. Just a year old but with the same dedicated staff who never seem to want to leave such a great place to work.
I’ve been researching teeth whitening for a while now. White teeth make you look younger. Or, conversely, yellow teeth age you. Despite having a healthy set of gnashers, they are showing their age badly. Recently, out of pure need, I’ve started drinking coffee (only in moderation, mind) but I’m mindful with each sip that I’m staining.
The time has come and not quickly enough, for me to test the newest non-invasive procedure on the market. The silhouette soft thread lift. I had been ready many months ago but rudely fell pregnant in between which scuppered my chances of looking young again and in fact enhanced my ageing significantly (have you tried months of sleepless nights at 43 years old?!). 
I’m at Hair on Broadway. Slap bang in the middle of Camden Lock. A huge state-of-the-art salon complete with teaching academy tucked away behind it. The last time I was in a HOB salon was in their first salon and I hate to say it but it probably wasn’t long after it first opened over thirty years ago!